Fall Harbor Hop

Boating enthusiasts get excited because The Lake of the Ozarks Convention & Visitors Bureau is hosting the 26th Annual Fall Harbor Hop Saturday, October 8th. The Hop will run from 11am-7pm with a few exceptions.

This events is a ton of fun as participants “hop” to and from waterfront restaurants and marinas to collect playing cards. They then use those playing cards to build a winning hand in poker to be eligible to win prizes.  Players are asked to donate $15 per seven card hand and can start their hop at any of the 30+ participating locations.

So come out and enjoy the beautiful beginning of fall lake foliage and enjoy a fun day on the water. Who knows, you might even win one of the great prizes including up to 10% of all money collected! You can also be a section winner by drawing all of your cards from close-by establishments.

So brush up on your poker skills, gas up the boat and get ready for a day of lake fun!

For more info visit funlake.com or call 1-800-Fun-Lake.

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